5 Best TINYpulse Alternatives in 2024

If you’ve explored employee engagement solutions, then you’ve probably heard of (and possibly tested) TINYpulse, an employee feedback and engagement tool used to collect ongoing employee feedback.

If you’ve explored employee engagement solutions, then you’ve probably heard of (and possibly tested) TINYpulse, an employee feedback and engagement tool used to collect ongoing employee feedback.

TINYpulse is a useful tool with several helpful features for employee feedback, though it does have some significant drawbacks:

  • Limited transparency and guidance on new features. New TINYpulse features substantially impact overall product quality. But, as per the G2 review, TINYpulse fails to make a strong first impression because their new feature roll-outs appear confusing for users.


  • Expensive pricing plans. Another reason why users are seeking out an alternative to TINYpulse is because of its high pricing. For smaller companies with at least 50 employees looking to create a positive and productive team, there are more affordable and even free options, like Friday Pulse, that may be more suitable for their needs.


Our criteria in the search for an alternative solution for TINYpulse is based on the:

  • Interface
  • Ease of use
  • Richness of features
  • Pricing

Here are the 5 best TINYpulse alternatives

  1. Friday Pulse
  2. Officevibe
  3. Workvivo
  4. Wellable
  5. Cooleaf

Let’s explore the features, pros, cons, and pricing of each TINYpulse alternative, starting with our tool Friday Pulse:

Alternative #1: Friday Pulse


Friday Pulse is a happiness-measuring and employee engagement platform that helps companies understand their organisational culture and create a positive work environment. Built by Nic Marks, UK’s leading happiness researcher and statistician, Friday Pulse brings tangible benefits to senior leaders, employees, and people managers in several areas, including:

  • Increased employee performance and personal well-being
  • Enhanced productivity and collaboration between teams
  • Lower staff turnover and burnout
  • Better talent management and increased staff retention

Friday Pulse stands out from other alternatives because it’s based on 25 years of research and statistical knowledge on human well-being and happiness.

Another unique aspect of Friday Pulse compared to other alternatives on our list lies in its flexible measurement rhythm. This feature involves frequent check-ins and instant feedback, along with a detailed analysis of incremental progress. This measurement rhythm helps teams identify areas in need of improvement promptly and take prompt action.


  • Intuitive and clean user interface (UI)
  • Surveys (weekly and quarterly flows)
  • Impact report
  • Industry benchmark analysis
  • Happiness KPI™
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Expert support
  • Slack integration
  • Coaching for clients with over 100 users
  • Help centre

Intuitive and user-friendly interface


User interface and user experience go a long way when it comes to employee experience and engagement platforms.

Unlike TINYpulse, Friday Pulse’s layout is well-designed and easy to use for anyone, so you don’t need to be highly tech-savvy to work through it. This important Friday Pulse feature makes the solution intuitive enough for employees to navigate easily from the start.

It is also mobile friendly.


Good culture is built through positive practices at all levels of the organisation rather than through sporadic surveys. Enter Friday Pulse’s weekly and quarterly employee surveys.

Managers use weekly surveys to track employee happiness every week. These surveys consist of anonymous happiness questions and provide real-time data, which managers use to address any performance issues that may arise and help teams to thrive.

Quarterly surveys, on the other hand, include 15 psychometrically tested questions. This article by a business coach proves that users appreciate quarterly surveys because they’ve emerged from Friday Pulse’s research during 10+ years of experimenting with different questions.

Plus, Friday Pulse’s algorithm analyses the company’s data and produces an Impact Report with recommendations for the three culture-related areas that would impact key ROI areas, like stress reduction and improved creativity, during the upcoming quarter.

Happiness KPI™


Happiness KPI—Friday Pulse’s trademark—is the trends line data highlighting happiness levels for each team within your company, whereas heatmaps show participation data and response rates.

Then, an interactive dashboard brings everything together and presents data in an easy-to-read way. Oftentimes, chief people officers don’t know how their teams are feeling, but Friday Pulse dashboards help team leaders improve team culture—all in real-time without having to wait for reports.

Help Centre

Friday Pulse offers a complete help centre with up-to-date guidance, tips, and suggestions for managers and senior leaders to improve the workplace experience.

Limitations of Friday Pulse

  • Less customisation and additional question packs: for large organisations, Friday Pulse offers consultancy on survey customisation.
  • Less detailed KPI tracking or reports. This adds an extra load onto the managers. Since Friday Pulse is more about human connection than surveillance, such a feature may not bring any tangible value.
  • No option to switch to biweekly or monthly surveys. Currently, Friday Pulse is working on that and plans to offer bi-weekly survey options in the near future.

It’s worth mentioning that the aim of the above-mentioned limitations is to keep the platform user-friendly. A product with too many features may feel cluttered to users.

However, Friday Pulse aims to keep the platform simple so users can easily find and use the features they need.

Friday Pulse Pricing


Friday Pulse pricing starts from £5.50 or €6 per user per month, and this plan comes with full email support and Slack & Teams integrations. But, smaller companies with up to 11 people can try the free version to find out if it fits their needs. You can sign up for the free version of Friday Pulse here.

Alternative #2: Officevibe


Like TINYpulse, Officevibe is an employee engagement platform to engage with team members and cultivate a culture of openness at work. Unlike TINYpulse, Officevibe provides more tools for managers to effectively run meetings, including pre-made agenda templates and the ability to revisit unresolved matters from previous 1:1 meetings.

What we like about Officevibe is that it’s easy to set up and use. Plus, its features are designed to allow all employees to share their thoughts anonymously.


  • Automated pulse surveys
  • Anonymous feedback and messaging
  • OKR planning and goal management
  • Leadership and conversation tools

Automated pulse surveys

Officevibe’s pulse surveys ask employees five weekly questions using an intuitive algorithm that sends specific questions about employee engagement. That way, managers can use their findings to see where employees need support and create excellent work conditions.

OKRs and goal planning

Officevibe’s Goals feature is designed to set and track the entire company’s objectives and key results (OKRs). This feature makes it easy for executive managers to set actionable goals that align with the team. Collaborative goal setting with Officevibe can help the organisation leverage its team members’ strengths and inspire a personal commitment to achieving the goals.

Anonymous feedback and messaging

Officevibe’s anonymous employee feedback tool helps managers create an environment of trust and confidence by allowing employees to share their thoughts. Officevibe ensures that individual responses from users are kept confidential and only presents the overall aggregated results.

Leadership and conversation

Officevibe empowers all managers with the resources they need to succeed, including highly relevant and contextualised help that is readily available. With these leadership tools, managers can scale their teams and ensure that all team members have access to the same resources.

Limitations of Officevibe

  • Difficult to interpret results for small teams
  • Fewer capabilities from a reporting perspective
  • Support team is slow to respond
  • Limited options in customising the survey question

Officevibe Pricing


Officevibe has 3 plans which are Free, Essential, and Pro, starting from $3.50/month (billed annually). Its free plan is for 1 team of up to 10 people.

Alternative #3: Workvivo


Workvivo is an employee communication platform that helps bring an entire company together in one place. It allows companies to set goals and create meaningful connections for a happier and more productive workplace.

Effective workplace communication is essential to establish solid relationships and accomplish important projects. In that regard, Workvivo is a great solution for solving communication and socialising issues with colleagues through spontaneous peer-to-peer recognition, particularly in remote settings.


  • Employee recognition
  • Wellbeing surveys
  • Awards and badges
  • Productivity suite integrations
  • Mobile app

Employee recognition

Workvivo’s employee recognition feature makes it simple for organisations to acknowledge their employees and elevate employee engagement. Users won’t have to log in to a separate platform, spend a lot of time searching through various channels, or go through complex processes.

Just go to the employee recognition dashboard and follow the prompts to send shout-outs and kudos to peers and employees.

Wellbeing surveys

Workvivo can also conduct employee wellness surveys to collect valuable feedback and track employee sentiment. Workvivo’s employee pulse survey questions help gather anonymous feedback around diverse areas and improve performance management processes.

Productivity suite integrations

Workvivo allows you to seamlessly connect with Google Workspace, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint, HR tools, payroll software, and access drive, email, and calendar information. This feature enables users to communicate directly from the activity feed and enhances productivity.

Workplace insights

Another great Workvivo feature is Workplace Insights that allows managers to track and analyze employee engagement data in real-time. This allows organizations to quickly detect areas where employee satisfaction and productivity may be lagging and address these issues before they become serious problems.

Social intranet

Create and join groups, participate in discussions, and share documents—all in one central location. This feature helps to streamline communication and increase productivity within the workplace.

Drawbacks of Workvivo

  • Basic interface
  • Less responsive customer support
  • Limited reporting capabilities
  • Insufficient survey questions
  • No free trial

Workvivo Pricing

Pricing information for Workvivo isn’t publicly available.

Alternative #4: Wellable


Wellable is an employee wellness solution that helps companies develop interactive employee wellness programs and improve employee productivity.

What makes Wellable a great TINYpulse alternative is that its features encourage employees to engage in activities that promote their well-being and productivity in various aspects of their lives.


  • Holistic wellness challenges
  • Personal wellness assessment
  • Rewards
  • Program add-ons like health coaching (an extra fee applies)
  • Continuous incentive program

Wellness challenges

The primary Wellable feature is its employee wellness challenge idea. A workplace wellness challenge is designed to inspire healthy lifestyle choices among employees, and these challenges get employees working in healthier ways.

All Wellable wellness challenges can be customised to fulfil any organisation’s specific needs and goals. Plus, users can earn Wellable points for activities like running, walking, cycling, yoga, and aerobics. Wellable also allows sending reminders to employees to encourage them to discuss and prioritise wellness.

Personal wellness assessment

Personal wellness assessment is another noteworthy Wellable feature that asks questions about an employee’s lifestyle concerning seven dimensions of health and overall well-being, including emotional, financial, occupational, and environmental. Then, employees receive personalised educational materials and feedback to improve their health in a specific area.

Drawbacks of Wellable

  • Slow performance
  • Less customisation
  • No automatic sync with some wearable devices
  • Miscommunication between account managers
  • Less integrations



Wellable Wellness platform has 2 plans: self-directed and full-service. The self-directed plan starts at $75/month (based on a minimum of 25 users). Its full-service plan costs $1000/month (based on 500 eligible employees).

Alternative #5: Cooleaf


Cooleaf is a collaboration and employee engagement software for employees to connect with their colleagues through events and interest groups. Companies use Cooleaf to celebrate wins and inspire success to build an employee-centric company culture.

We included Cooleaf as a powerful TINYpulse alternative because it allows for public recognition and employee rewards, which helps reinforce positive behaviours throughout the organisation.


  • Team recognition
  • Pulse surveys
  • Rewards programs
  • Performance incentives
  • Seamless integrations

Team recognition

Cooleaf comes with team recognition and rewards features, making it easy to acknowledge your employees for their contributions, whether it’s their daily work or teamwork efforts. What else we like about Cooleaf is that you can make your recognition more special by including an emoji, video, picture, or GIF with it.

One thing that makes Cooleaf’s team recognition feature stand out is the reward points system. Employees can earn points for their good work and involvement in team activities, which can then be redeemed for things like gift cards and company merchandise.

Performance incentives

Employees seek additional benefits and perks beyond their salary and holiday bonuses. Cooleaf enables the creation of reward programs for employees to recognise and reward specific achievements and decrease employee turnover.

Seamless integrations

Integrate Cooleaf with your favourite apps to incentivize real-time insights and achieve a more centralised employee experience. Cooleaf integrates with Slack, Lessonly, Zendesk, LinkedIn Learning, G Suite, and Facebook Workplace.

Drawbacks of Cooleaf

  • Less intuitive layout
  • Occasional log-in issues
  • Difficulties with tracking the recognitions
  • Too many notifications at times
  • Fewer retailers to choose from for gift cards


Cooleaf offers custom pricing based on a company’s size, but it isn’t available in the website.

What is the best TINYpulse alternative?

TINYpulse may not be the most appropriate employee engagement solution for every organization. A lack of incentive structure around TINYpulse features may impact on employees’ motivation to use it. Also, their pricing isn’t really feasible for smaller teams.

Fortunately, several TINYpulse alternatives, like Friday Pulse, allow smaller teams to test a solution free of charge. And Friday Pulse offers much more than just sending pulse surveys and giving 360-degree feedback.

Feature TINYpulse Friday Pulse Officevibe Workvivo Wellable Cooleaf
UI & UX 3.3 4.9 4.5 3.8 4.0 4.3
Pulse surveys 4.3 4.8 4.3 4.1 3.9 4.1
Help centre 4.3 4.8 4.5 4.2 4.5 3.9
Integrations 3.8 4.7 4.4 4.7 4.1 4.4
Dashboard 4.1 4.6 4.7 4.5 4.6 4.3
Score 3.9 4.7 4.4 4.2 4.2 4.1

Getting started with Friday Pulse

Friday Pulse is a comprehensive and reliable employee solution that helps organisations gauge their employees’ happiness and engagement levels, so they can improve team collaboration and employee performance while reducing staff turnover and burnout.

Plus, Friday Pulse fits with your favorite HR systems and its interface is clear and concise.

Book a demo of Friday Pulse here and see yourself how it helps improve and enhance your organisational culture.