Smart people data for successful teams

Smart people data for successful teams

Friday Pulse measures and improves team happiness and culture, providing real-time, actionable data for maximum impact.
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How happy are your teams?

Answering this question is critical to your organization’s productivity and performance.
Combining psychometrically tested questions, smart algorithms and expert consultancy, Friday Pulse gives teams and senior leaders real-time insights to unlock your full business potential.

Happy teams drive business success

Our clients see measurable improvements in critical people metrics.

  • Retention


    2x more
    likely to stay

  • Productivity


    28% more

  • Value


    3% higher
    share price growth

  • Health


    55% lower
    stress levels

  • Innovation


    3x more

Nic Marks Founder & CEO, Friday Pulse™

Measure what matters

Friday Pulse was founded by Nic Marks, an award-winning statistician and TED speaker. He has measured population happiness and wellbeing for over 25 years, creating a focused, effective methodology for improving employee experience.

This unique blend of short weekly check-ins, combined with quarterly deeper dives, will help you build engaged, high-performing teams. Talk to us to find out more.

The Happiness Test

How happy are you at work?

The Happiness Test

How happy are you at work?

We believe that happiness is good for everyone. So, we’ve created FridayOne to help you reflect on how happy you are at work.

It only takes 5 minutes to complete the test. Once completed, we'll send you a personalized report packed with insights and tips.
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Katie Arnott

Head Of People, Harris + Hoole

Friday Pulse inspires our managers to consider the wellbeing and happiness of their teams on a regular basis, encouraging them to think about their behaviour. The pulse survey makes happiness easier to understand ‑ splitting it into actionable concepts.

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