Measure happiness. Improve culture. Build stronger teams.

Measure happiness. Improve culture. Build stronger teams.

Our key product features use the science of happiness to help senior leaders and managers systematically create an environment where people thrive.
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Happiness KPI™

Happiness KPI™

This weekly happiness score tracks how every team is feeling, giving vital real-time insights on trends as they emerge. Collecting regular data on employee experience allows people leaders to maximise successes and quickly troubleshoot issues.

people KPI

The only people metric you need in the boardroom - predicting performance, retention and innovation.


Monitors and tracks wellbeing across your organization.
Team Building Tool

Team Building Tool

Alongside the Happiness KPI™, we ask team members to share their successes, frustrations, ideas and team thank-yous. This feedback populates a people-management tool that allows teams to work better together.


Highlights key discussion topics while presenting data in an easily reviewable format.

Team building questions

Our team building questions are carefully curated to stimulate interesting conversations – helping the team bond and kickstart a productive meeting.
Culture Profile

Culture Profile

Based on our original science, this quarterly measure identifies the key drivers of a positive, productive culture across all of your teams. We combine these Five Ways to Happiness at Work with a tailored organizational and team Impact Report that highlights exactly where to take action for best results.

-tested questions

Featuring index scoring for topics from The Five Ways to Happiness at Work framework - Connect, Be Fair, Empower, Challenge, Inspire

Comparative industry benchmarks

Measure against others based on size, sector and geography.
Predictive People Analytics

Predictive People Analytics

Our smart algorithms help you to identify the most important issues to address and track the impact of any changes. We combine this with an intuitive dashboard that displays real-time data and helps to predict employee dissatisfaction on a weekly and quarterly basis.

Personalized stakeholder

With detailed stakeholder views, we present the information you require


Identifies opportunities on where to focus resources, time and energy
Access to Experts

Access to Experts

Led by Nic Marks, the UK’s leading happiness expert and statistician, our design is backed by 25 years of original research and experience. Work alongside our Happiness Experts to review your results and identify strategic opportunities.


Our Happiness Experts help you to facilitate positive change in your organization's culture

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