4 Best Lattice Alternatives in 2024

Lattice is a people success and performance management platform that assists managers in developing motivated and successful teams and creating a positive work environment.

Lattice is a people success and performance management platform that assists managers in developing motivated and successful teams and creating a positive work environment. Although it offers numerous features for evaluating employee performance and measuring employee satisfaction, it does have significant limitations:

  • A steep learning curve. Lattice has a steep learning curve which makes it difficult for new users to get up to speed quickly and harder for users to utilise the platform effectively.

Lattice Review Source: G2

  • Confusing navigation structure. Some users found it challenging to find and access the features and functions they needed. Its navigation structure could be improved to make the platform more clear and consistent.

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  • Less intuitive UI. As per G2 reviews, the Lattice layout is slightly cluttered and overwhelming. Because the interface isn’t visually appealing, the platform may not provide a positive user experience.

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Our criteria in the search for an alternative solution for Lattice is based on the:

  • Ease of use
  • Richness of features
  • Support and resource centre

Here are the 4 best Lattice alternatives

  • Friday Pulse
  • Glint
  • Eletive
  • Reflektive

Let’s dive into the key features and limitations of each Lattice alternative, starting with our tool, Friday Pulse.

Alternative #1: Friday Pulse


Friday Pulse is a happiness-measuring and employee engagement platform that helps organisations track and improve staff happiness levels and experience of organisational culture.

The solution is built by Nic Marks, UK’s leading happiness researcher and statistician. It offers tangible benefits to people managers in several areas like increased personal well-being, lowered stress levels, and enhanced communication between management and employees. What sets Friday Pulse apart from competitors is its foundation in 25 years of extensive research and statistical expertise on human well-being and happiness.

Plus, Friday Pulse has a distinct approach to gathering feedback that sets it apart from other tools—it’s called the “measurement rhythm”. The measurement rhythm approach comprises of frequent check-ins, real-time feedback, and a detailed review of incremental progress. This allows teams to see areas for improvement quickly and take prompt action. The measurement rhythm methodology also helps to create a culture of continuous improvement within teams. By making it a part of their routine, teams are empowered to achieve success through small, incremental changes.


  • Simple, user-friendly, and intuitive interface (UI)
  • Surveys (weekly and quarterly flows)
  • Team building questions
  • Comparative industry benchmarks
  • Impact report
  • Happiness KPI™
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Predictive people analytics
  • Help centre
  • Slack integration

Intuitive and user-friendly interface


Friday Pulse has a user-friendly and clean layout that users can easily navigate, regardless of their technical expertise. This intuitive interface and easy-to-use workflow indicate that the company has put thought and effort into the design of the product to greatly improve the user experience.

Happiness KPI™

The Happiness KPI—Friday Pulse’s trademark—is a data trend line that illustrates the happiness levels for each team within your organisation, while heatmaps display data on participation and response rates. This KPI uses the strength of positive emotions to promote organisations with high levels of initiative, productivity, and creativity.

The weekly happiness score, which ranges from 0 to 100, provides a valuable metric for monitoring employee well-being throughout the organisation, providing insight into the overall employee experience at work.



Friday Pulse’s weekly assessments concentrate on evaluating people’s emotions, while the quarterly assessments dive deeper into understanding the results over time.

Managers use weekly surveys to assess employee well-being on a weekly basis. These surveys consist of anonymous questions related to happiness and provide real-time data. This data is then used by managers to identify and address any potential performance issues and to foster a positive and productive work environment for their team.

Quarterly surveys, on the other hand, include 15 psychometrically tested questions that have emerged from Friday Pulse’s research during 10+ years of experimenting with different questions.

The best part is that Friday Pulse’s algorithm analyses the company’s data and generates an Impact Report with suggestions for the three culture-related areas that will influence key ROI areas, including stress reduction and increased creativity, for the next quarter.

Predictive people analytics

With the power of advanced algorithms, Friday Pulse allows managers to pinpoint and tackle crucial problems in the workplace. This is coupled with a user-friendly dashboard that shows current data and predicts employee dissatisfaction on a weekly and quarterly basis, delivering holistic performance and employment insights directly to the people who need them most.

The use of Friday Pulse’s predictive people analytics to accurately identify employees who may leave the company, are worthy of promotion, or are likely to switch roles within the organisation, can increase productivity and performance.

Help centre

Friday Pulse offers a comprehensive help centre that includes guidance, practical tips, and suggestions for managers and senior leaders to enhance employees’ workplace experience.

Limitations of Friday Pulse

  • No specific 1:1 prep for managers: yet, managers can use their weekly presentations in 1:1s, using open questions about the data.
  • Unavailability of option to change the surveys to bi-weekly or monthly: currently, Friday Pulse is working to introduce the option for bi-weekly surveys in the future.
  • No option to tag company values to Notes: this feature creates an excessive burden for the user, and is more of an organisational rather than a user need.

Friday Pulse pricing


Friday Pulse pricing starts from £5.50 or €6 per user per month. This plan includes full email support and Slack & Teams integrations. But, smaller teams with up to 11 people can try the free version to see if the platform fits their needs. You can sign up for the free version of Friday Pulse here.

Alternative #2: Glint


Glint is an employee engagement and people success platform that allows managers and HRs to streamline the employee engagement process, collect employee feedback, and measure team performance.

What makes Glint a great Lattice alternative is that it helps managers get a more holistic picture of how employees feel and what they need to do to improve engagement, thanks to its features like employee engagement surveys, pulse polls, and real-time sentiment analysis. The company also has a resource centre, containing eBooks, whitepapers, product briefs, toolkits, data sheets, and articles.


  • Employee engagement
  • Employee development
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • People success

Employee engagement

Glint gives managers and HR teams on-demand access to employee feedback, which allows them to quickly take the most impactful actions to increase engagement, build stronger teams, and improve business performance across a diverse workforce.

Employee development

Glint enables managers to take greater ownership of their development by guiding them toward effective feedback habits. Its 360, 180, and anytime feedback options make it easy for anyone to seek and act on feedback.

People success

Glint provides multiple feedback touchpoints and analytics to help you identify the main opportunities that influence employee engagement, performance, and retention. It also assists managers in involving their teams to participate in reviewing feedback results and uncovering areas of improvement to move the company forward in a positive direction collectively.

Limitations of Glint

  • A steep learning curve
  • Difficult for small teams to capture 360 feedback anonymously
  • No automatic reminders
  • Frequent feedback requests could feel bothersome

Glint pricing

Pricing information for Glint isn’t publicly available.

Alternative #3: Eletive


Eletive is a people success platform that helps organisations drive engagement and improve performance in real-time.

What we like about Eletive is that it allows organisations to measure engagement levels and quickly identify and handle issues as they arise, rather than waiting for annual performance surveys. Like Glint, they also have a help centre with useful guides and FAQs.


  • Employee engagement
  • Self-leadership
  • Performance management

Employee engagement

Eletive offers ready-to-use templates with science-backed questions and customisable employee pulse surveys, giving an instant overview of how your organisation feels. In case you wish to get more qualitative and actionable insights, you can add open-ended questions to your employee surveys.


With Eletive, each employee gets their own dashboard and performance management module. Give your staff access to individual dashboards to encourage accountability and self-leadership. This empowers each employee to work on the changes they wish to see and monitor the impact of their efforts.

Performance management

Eletive lets users create action plans at different levels: for the whole organisation, a team, or an individual. Plus, Eletive facilitates the OKR methodology and simplifies the process of achieving objectives for all individuals, making it easy to ensure that every team member is working towards the same goals.

Limitations of Eletive

  • The look and feel of the survey could be improved
  • Dashboards are less dynamic and informative
  • Difficult for big organisations with different departments to get the data
  • No possibility to filter comments on the team and department levels
  • May get slightly complicated to regulate the number of users

Eletive pricing

Pricing information for Eletive isn’t publicly available.

Alternative #4: Reflektive


The last Lattice competitor on our list is Reflektive, a performance and talent management solution that helps HR leaders and managers increase employee engagement, productivity and retention.

We included Reflektive as a powerful Lattice alternative because it helps employees enjoy keeping up with goals, see instant feedback, and interact with their supervisor regarding their to-do lists and goals. Reklektive has a knowledge centre with how-to articles and guides for users.


  • Employee engagement
  • People analytics
  • Reviews and check-ins
  • Integration with HRIS systems like Workday and BambooHR

Employee engagement

Reflektive surveys give you quantitative data about your employees, while its natural language processing and sentiment analysis summarise qualitative findings for more detailed insights. Plus, it recommends action plans for you to improve vital KPIs related to employee engagement.

People analytics

See your most important people metrics with Reflektive’s pre-built dashboards and identify top performers in the team. Reflektive lets you assess the correlation between the responses in your engagement survey and specific actions like feedback, recognition, and one-on-one conversations to get a more comprehensive understanding of employee engagement. Reflektive’s technology also helps the HR team with automated emails and easy progress tracking.

Reviews and check-ins

With Reklektive, you can combine everything—feedback, recognition, and goals—into one location during employee evaluations. That way, you mitigate recency bias and enhance the accuracy of performance reviews to keep employees motivated.

Goal management

Reflektive lets you align employees and teams around shared goals and OKRs, track business progress, and confront issues early on. It allows for the creation of goals at the individual, team, and company levels and helps teams work towards achieving the organisation’s overall objectives.

Limitations of Reflektive

UI can be confusing at times Integrating goals and KPIs across various departments may be difficult Feedback feature could be easier to find Less software integrations Gmail integration feels clunky

Reflektive pricing

Reflektive doesn’t provide any pricing info on their website.

What is the best Lattice alternative?

Lattice isn’t the most appropriate employee engagement and people success solution for every organisation. There is a significant amount of learning required to effectively use the platform. Its navigation structure is confusing, and the UI isn’t as intuitive as some users would like. These limitations lead users to seek out reliable alternatives to Lattice.

Feature Lattice Friday Pulse Glint Eletive Reklektive
UI & UX 4.0 4.8 3.0 4.4 4.1
Pulse surveys 4.3 4.8 4.4 4.2 4.4
360-degree feedback 4.1 4.5 4.4 4.2 4.6
Activity dashboard 4.4 4.7 4.2 4.0 4.5
Feedback management 4.4 4.5 4.0 4.3 4.5
Goal setting 4.3 4.5 4.3 4.4 4.5
Help centre 4.4 4.6 4.7 4.3 4.5
Score 4.3 4.6 4.3 4.2 4.4

While Lattice is still a decent tool, there are excellent alternatives to Lattice out there. For example, Friday Pulse has everything you need to improve employee productivity and performance, reduce turnover, and ultimately, boost the overall success of the organisation.

Getting started with Friday Pulse

Friday Pulse is a reliable and powerful employee engagement and well-being solution that helps managers measure their employees’ happiness and engagement levels, so they can enhance teamwork and employee productivity and decrease employee turnover.

Book a demo of Friday Pulse here and see for yourself how it helps improve and enhance your organisational culture.