How happy are you at work?

Could you be happier at work?

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Nic Marks, founder of Friday Pulse

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Dominic Monkhouse CEO & Business Growth Coach, Scaling Up

By tracking positive and negative emotions, and collecting ongoing communication and feedback, Friday Pulse gives real-time insights into how individuals and teams are coping, as everyone deals with a new reality.
This data is invaluable.

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Happiness at work matters

We believe that happiness at work is real, and it’s something you and your workplace can achieve.

Our happiness test scores you against The Five Ways to Happiness at Work, our people-based framework developed through 25 years of research into the science of happiness.
We will benchmark you against peers from smaller and larger organizations, different industry sectors and countries, as well as age and gender – with some quick tips to make your working life happier.
The Happiness Test - Workplace Happiness

Here’s how
your team and company also benefit:

  • happier teams are more 22% more productive and 3x as creative
  • businesses with positive cultures are more profitable and have 3-4% extra share price growth a year.
The Happiness Test - How Happy Are You REALLY at Work?

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