Introducing FridayOne: How happy are YOU at work?

How happy are you at work? Our new individual happiness test, FridayOne looks at your interactions with your team, your role and your organization. A learning feedback loop that can help you reflect and highlights what at work is working well and what isn’t.

Introducing FridayOne: How happy are YOU at work?

Happiness is good for everyone, so we’ve created FridayOne — an individual Happiness Test — to help you reflect on how happy you are at work. It scores you against our Five Ways to Happiness at Work and benchmarks you against your peers. But, most important of all, this five-minute test gives you a personalised report packed with insights and tips. 

A window and a mirror into your work life

With pandemic fatigue and burnout on the near horizon, it’s important to take a step back and take care of yourself. We wanted to create a test that could help you evaluate how to improve your work life. The test had to not only be fun and informative but also psychometrically robust and useful. On top of that, we wanted to be sure we could provide you with immediate insight. 

FridayOne is our self-reflection tool that works on the individual level. It acts as both a window and a mirror into your work life. As a mirror, it reflects back to you how happy you are at work. As a window, it gives you new ways of seeing how you can improve your work life.

Some of you may have completed one (or more) of the popular free personality tests. While they are fun, they tend to suffer from an intrinsic flaw: our personalities are not fixed. In different settings or times of day or year, we take on different personas. Think about how you can be a “different” person at work than when you’re out socialising. That makes defining a personality a difficult challenge. Statistically, we know that your results can change significantly depending on the mood you’re in when you take the test, as well as where you’re taking it. 

Context defines how we express ourselves. FridayOne is designed to work with a single context in mind: your work life. 

Context can change your test scores

Yet, even narrowing the scope to focus on your work life, we know that test results are only a snapshot in time. That means when the context changes, your scores will change as well. 

Our tool looks at your interactions with your team, your role and your organization. These variables are always changing, and there are many different combinations that affect your happiness at work. For instance, you may be a bad fit for a role but enjoy the team you’re working with. You may have a good role but dislike your organisation. You may love your company’s purpose but have problems with its culture. 

The only thing that remains constant in these changing contexts is YOU. You bring yourself to work including your strengths, skills, ambitions and past experiences. The truth is that all of us have the potential to thrive, or not, in different jobs and different workplaces. 

FridayOne will help you identify how you are doing right now in your current position.

How the FridayOne self-reflection test works

The Five Ways to Happiness at Work
Like the Friday Pulse platform, we’ve based FridayOne on our Five Ways to Happiness at Work. This psychometrically-robust model allows us to look at happiness at work through five drivers. Here’s a quick summary of what they are: 

  • Connect: Friendships. Laughter. A sense of belonging. Connect is about team relationships, inter-team cooperation, and friendships at work. 
  • Be Fair: Flexibility. Appreciation. Space for life outside of work. Fairness is about respect, appreciation and work-life balance. 
  • Empower: Trust. Delegate. The opportunity to self-organise.  Empowerment at work is about using your strengths, being yourself and influencing decisions. 
  • Challenge: Stretch. Enjoyment. Setting realistic expectations. Challenge at work is about being able to be creative, receive useful feedback and learning new things. 
  • Inspire: Pride. Purpose. Being part of a bigger picture. Inspire is about how we feel about the work we do and whether we believe that our organizations do something worthwhile. 

The Test
During the course of the test, you’ll answer questions that address each of the Five Ways. You’ll then be asked some broad questions about your occupation and demographics so we can benchmark you against your peers. Once completed, you can download your results.

Note: If you’re trying to track whether your situation has improved, you may want to retake the test in a few months’ time. 

Reflecting on your results

Once you’ve taken the test, the following questions may help you reflect on your results:

What surprises you the most?
Or in other words, what are you aware of now? And, why are you surprised? Often these are things that we may have suspected and been unable to articulate. It’s ok if the numbers are surprising. It’s not a condemnation of you or your work. Remember that it’s a mirror, a look at where you are now. 

How might you influence your lowest scores? 
Ideally, we hope that FridayOne is a tool that can help you improve your work situation. In that light, it’s important to think about the things you can improve. When looking at your lowest scores, consider if they are things you can change or things you actually want to change. 

Before making changes, think about who can help you on this journey. Do you have friends or mentors that can help? These are significant choices that will affect our experience of the place we spend most our time in as working adults. 

Do you stop and reflect on the things that you have done?
Using the tool is the beginning of a learning feedback loop that can help you reflect and improve. Ultimately, the whole point of the tool is to draw your attention to what is working well in your working life and what isn’t. 

Because of negative bias, we have a tendency to focus on what’s going wrong rather than what’s going well in our lives. So, don’t forget to celebrate your wins. Enjoy them. As you’re reflecting, consider how you can further play to your strengths, not just coach your weakness. 

FridayOne and Friday Pulse

FridayOne is a snapshot of how you’re doing at a specific moment in time. But, if you’re ready to take workplace happiness seriously, Friday Pulse can help. Designed to track employee, team and organizational happiness, our people platform asks employees how they feel at work, giving senior leaders real-time insights into how individuals and teams are faring. 

Right now, as COVID-19 weariness continues and many organizations are still experiencing a decline in employee wellness, we are offering companies and teams (50+ employees) free access to our people platform for 3 months.* For more information on how we can support your organisation please reach out to us today.

*Offer ends midnight Thursday 31 December 2020.