Nic marks Founder & CEO, Friday Pulse™

Happiness is the Ultimate People KPI

When companies use the Happiness KPI™,
they report stronger growth and increased employee productivity.

How happy are you at work?

Your employees’ feelings are the source of valuable data. By tracking positive and negative emotions and systematically collecting feedback, Friday Pulse provides real-time insights on individuals, teams and your organization as they adapt to a new reality.

And you measure it every week, via your own personal dashboard.

Protect your workplace culture with
the science of happiness

  • 25+ years of happiness research
  • 1000+ organizations
  • 9000+ teams
Friday Pulse™ is designed to score happiness through research and insights from behavioural psychology and systems thinking. Through The Five Ways to Happiness at Work, we track the drivers of happiness while our predictive people analytics provides you with the insights you need.

Real-time insights
into employee experience

Friday Pulse provides real-time insights into how teams are coping and their wellbeing.
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Trusted by leading companies
around the world.

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Miserable people
do unhappy work.

Evidence of how low morale can affect business success.

  • Retention


    2x more likely
    to leave

  • Productivity


    less productive

  • Value


    3% lower
    share price

  • Health


    55% higher stress

  • Innovation


    less creativity

Protect your workplace culture with the science of happiness

Measure happiness. Improve culture. Build stronger teams. Through our five key product features, we know how to help.

kpi icon
Happiness KPI™
The first weekly happiness score – out of 100 – that highlights how every team within your organization is performing
tools icon
Team building tools
We provide team leaders with a people management tool on how to discuss results and take immediate action
culture icon
Culture profile
A quarterly survey that identifies positive behaviours which improve culture across your organization
analytics icon
Predictive people analytics
Our heatmaps, benchmarks and trend analysis quickly identify potential risks and what to address
experts icon
Access to experts
Our happiness experts review your quarterly results and help you identify strategic opportunities, alongside training resources
Kristin Hay

Global Director, People and Culture, Travelex

In a cost-conscious marketplace, these tools help leaders and managers to make informed, data-driven decisions about where best to invest their people spend.

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Give your employees a voice

Friday Pulse™ gives employees a voice by asking them to rate their experience of work and share their successes and frustrations. This allows senior leaders to know what’s happening and take meaningful action.

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