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“Friday Pulse is an invaluable resource in giving us a real-time measurement of how happy and engaged our people are.”
Six Degrees
Dione Hamilton People Business Partner, Six Degrees
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Happiness KPI

Measure what matters

Developed by Nic Marks, award-winning statistician and TED speaker, our unique blend of short weekly check-ins, combined with quarterly deeper dives, will help you build a happy, high-performing team.

Happiness KPI

This weekly score tracks how your team feels, giving vital real-time insights on emerging trends.

Culture Profile

This quarterly measure identifies the key drivers of a positive, productive work culture in your team.

Predictive People Analytics

Our smart algorithms help you identify and tackle issues as early as possible.

“The best thing has been being able to put our finger on the types of things we need to work on as a business”

Callum Donnelly
Managing Director - Etch

Happy staff drive business success

Our clients see measurable improvements in critical people metrics.

  • Retention

    2x more
    likely to stay

  • Productivity

    28% more

  • Value

    3% higher share
    price growth

  • Health

    55% lower
    stress levels

  • Innovation

    3x more

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Our free team accounts are available for up to 11 people.

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