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Our clients have every reason to be happy

Our clients have every reason to be happy

We're delighted to have made a difference in the working lives of over 75,000 employees worldwide. Heres what our customers say about working with us


Case Studies

How can we help improve your workplace culture? Our customer stories provide insight into working with us and the long-term effect of happiness in the workplace.


Driving a competitive edge through a focus on organizational happiness

The Auctus Group
The Auctus Group

Growing a remote-working team using Friday Pulse’s team building tool


Traditional engagement survey to predictive, empowering Happiness Score

MillStream Underwriting
MillStream Underwriting

Team building across geographical divides


Helping a team bond in the middle of a pandemic when they’ve never met before.

The Happiness Test - Workplace Happiness

Here’s how the science of
happiness helped our customers

Friday Pulse's data trends and heatmaps reinforced that a one-size-fits-all approach to culture doesn't work. Working with teams to identify what will make the most improvement in their space is much more effective in building our culture.

Jo Simon Head of HR, ITAD
Jo Simon

Friday Pulse inspires our managers to consider the wellbeing and happiness of their teams on a regular basis, encouraging them to think about their behaviour. The survey makes happiness easier to understand, splitting it into actionable concepts.

Katie Arnott Head of People, Harris + Hoole
Katie Arnott

We know that people need to feel recognized and heard to be happy at work, but it's hard to do this in a simple meaningful way. With Friday Pulse, we now have a reason for teams to connect about how things are going.

Jennifer Johnson Vice President, HR and Retail Operations, Borsheims
Jennifer Johnson

Friday Pulse has encouraged a culture of openness and honesty within our teams, frustrations are talked through weekly, ideas are discussed, and feedback given by team leaders. Communication is regular, giving a meaningful voice to our people on matters that affect them.

Nicola Harrold Head of HR and People Services, Excelsior Multi Academy Trust
Nicola Harrold

We love Friday Pulse's people platform. We have found it to be incredibly helpful in gauging our level of comfort together, identifying ways to improve and build our team culture.

Abbey Krutop Agile Business Analyst and Iteration Manager, SEEK
Abbey Krutop
The Happiness Test - How Happy Are You REALLY at Work?

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