6 Best Employee Engagement Software of 2024

Employee engagement is a key component of any successful business, and having the right employee engagement software can make all the difference.

Employee engagement is a key component of any successful business, and having the right employee engagement software can make all the difference.

A shocking 79% of the global workforce is disengaged from their jobs, costing employers a total of $7 trillion in lost productivity. Businesses simply cannot ignore the need to focus on employee engagement.

The best employee engagement software can help you get the most out of your workforce. From providing employees with a platform to give feedback and share ideas, to tracking progress and rewarding success, these solutions will help boost morale and productivity across your organization.

Here are the six best employee engagement software of 2024 that you should consider for your organization.

Best employee engagement software

Friday Pulse - Best overall

Friday Pulse Homepage

Friday Pulse is an employee engagement platform created from the groundbreaking research of Nic Marks, a renowned statistician and well-respected authority on happiness.

For forward-thinking businesses dedicated to cultivating positive company culture, this platform offers an exclusive research-backed solution to boost personal well-being and productivity, reduce staff turnover rates, and cultivate more effective communication among teams.

Utilizing brief weekly check-ins and comprehensive quarterly reviews, you can ask your employees strategic questions to measure their Happiness KPI(™). The actionable reports help managers identify potential issues, track progress, and implement changes for improvement.

Friday Pulse features

  • Surveys: Managers can stay up to date with their team’s performance through regular weekly flows, permitting them to take swift action on any arising issues. Additionally, quarterly surveys ask 15 psychometric questions in order to acquire a more comprehensive overview of the group.
  • Team-building opportunities: Every week, leaders can utilize these thought-provoking questions to create effective and stimulating team meetings.
  • Happiness KPI ™ : Leverage proprietary research to assess and measure the performance of your team members against an established standard.
  • Expert Support: Expert plan clients can benefit from a dedicated Client Success Coach who will help them maximize their data and take meaningful action.
  • Impact Report: Drawing on a proprietary approach, algorithms gauge your survey replies and pinpoint how teams can maximize development in employee experience.

Strive for consistent results

Constant outcome measurement

Instead of attempting to track and assess an excess of metrics, Friday Pulse concentrates on one fundamental outcome — whether your team is having a positive or negative week. Maintaining this benchmark gives you an exact yardstick by which to measure success regularly, and make improvements accordingly.

Ask meaningful questions

Ask meaningful questions

By pairing Nic’s considerable knowledge of psychology and mental health with his profound comprehension of statistics, Friday Pulse is able to craft inquiries that are both meaningful for your personnel and your organization. These recurring queries have been proven statistically effective and are tailored to the human experience, allowing you a deeper look into true happiness levels within your team.

Take focused action

Be intentional

Although knowledge is vital, it’s meaningless if you don’t act on it. That’s why Friday Pulse stands out from other employee engagement platforms — it gives employees the power to take action and make a difference in their organization. Not only does it show you what’s not working in your organization, but it also suggests appropriate solutions.

By studying the data from your weekly and quarterly surveys, advanced algorithms will identify the top 3 culture-based actions you should take over a quarter that have tremendous potential to improve productivity, reduce stress levels, and encourage creativity — all of which can boost Return on Investment (ROI).

Science-backed methodology

What sets the Friday Pulse apart from other feedback tools is its dynamic measurement rhythm. This innovative approach integrates quick check-ins and real-time feedback with a deeper dive into incremental action. The regular pulse check enables teams to swiftly identify areas for improvement and take timely action. With this powerful methodology, issues are resolved early on, preventing them from impeding progress. Ultimately, the Friday Pulse empowers teams to achieve success through continuous improvement, making it an essential part of any team’s routine.

Lattice - Best for inexperienced tech users

Lattice Pricing

Lattice is an employee engagement platform designed to help you build a successful and productive culture. Its powerful yet intuitive technology helps teams get better results from their employees by providing them with the tools they need to manage performance and stay on track throughout the year.

It offers an array of features, such as goal-setting, performance reviews, feedback surveys, and one-on-one coaching. With Lattice, you can maximize employee engagement and ensure that your team is working towards successful outcomes.

Lattice features

  • Real-Time Feedback: Get to know your team better and uncover their needs with pulse surveys. This real-time employee feedback will help you stay in tune with what matters most, allowing you to make decisions that impact the entire group.
  • Performance Tracking: Monitoring work performance throughout the long-term allows us to pinpoint any areas that may need improvement or show signs of decline.
  • 1:1s: Facilitate team-oriented, goal-driven agendas and actionable items for regular manager/employee meetings.
  • Recognition & Rewards: Nurture a motivated and productive workplace by providing recognition and rewards programs to reward employees for outstanding results.

Culture Amp- Best for established organizations

Culture Amp

Culture Amp is a world-leading employee engagement platform that helps you understand how your team members feel and how to create an environment where everyone feels safe and included. It’s designed to help teams identify potential issues before they become too serious, so you can address them quickly to prevent any serious damage.

The platform allows you to run regular surveys, analyze results and dig deeper into the data to identify trends that may be affecting your team’s morale. The insights from the surveys can help teams create programs and plans aimed at improving employee engagement. With Culture Amp, you can design and execute strategies that align with your organizational goals and culture. You’ll be able to measure the impact of any initiatives you put into place and measure performance over time.

Culture Amp features

  • Turnover predictions: Anticipate the future of your business and devise a plan that can take it there.
  • A range of ready-to-use surveys: Seek feedback on employee performance and experience.
  • Multi-source feedback: Gather feedback from your superiors and colleagues, as well as through introspection for a more holistic evaluation.
  • Employee development: By creating individualized development plans, you can ensure that your team members are on track with their objectives.

OfficeVibe- Best for remote teams


OfficeVibe is an employee engagement platform that helps remote teams stay connected and boosts morale while employees work from home. It also allows employees take part in short surveys, offering valuable feedback and insights on how they are feeling, what their needs are, and what areas of improvement could be addressed. It’s also a great option for budget-conscious companies that are focused on gaining feedback from all team members.

OfficeVibe features

  • Engagement Surveys: Gathers employee insights and offers timely performance metrics to ensure your business remains successful.
  • Communication Tools: With a simple, intuitive interface, managers can easily stay connected and communicate with their team.
  • Productivity Tracking: This system monitors employee performance over time, helping to identify any areas of improvement or decline.
  • Team Insights & Reports: Transform data into actionable insights and reports to make informed decisions.
  • Customizable Dashboard: Design a dashboard that allows managers to have an instant view of their team’s progress.

TINYpulse- Best for culture building

TinyPulse Pricing

TINYpulse is an employee engagement platform that focuses on culture-building and helping leaders foster a positive work environment. It focuses on feedback in a positive way rather than on criticism. Through regular surveys and pulse checks, managers can identify areas of improvement in order to strengthen their team’s morale.

TINYpulse features

  • Anonymous Surveys: Collect candid feedback from your staff on their mental and physical health.
  • Recognition and Rewards: Inspire employees to reach higher levels of success and accomplishment by rewarding them with gift cards, as well as hosting peer celebrations for their hard work.
  • Coach one-on-one support: Guide your managers to construct agendas, monitor progress against targets, and witness individual performance improvement.
  • Integration options: Strengthen the bond between your staff and their tools by linking feedback to Slack, email, and MS Teams.

Paycor- Best for performance management


Paycor is an employee engagement platform designed specifically for performance management. It helps managers set expectations and track progress while giving employees the support they need to reach their goals. It also offers insights into team morale and productivity, so managers can identify areas for improvement.

Paycor features

  • Executive Insights: Empower your leadership teams with feedback, results and insightful data analysis.
  • Response Analysis: Leverage Natural Language Processing to discover response patterns and discrepancies.
  • Pulse Surveys: Create a space for employees to consistently vocalize their thoughts and concerns, empowering them with the opportunity to provide feedback.
  • Customizable filters: Drill down your survey results by demographics and location to develop customized action plans.

How to choose the best employee engagement software for you

Choosing the best employee engagement platform for your company depends on a few factors.

Budget and features

It’s important to evaluate the features and pricing of each platform to determine which one best meets your organization’s needs. Some platforms are more expensive but offer advanced features that can give you a better understanding of your team’s morale and performance.

Company size

If you have a large organization, consider investing in an enterprise-level platform designed to meet the needs of larger teams. On the other hand, if your company is small or just starting out, then a basic platform might be enough.

Integration options

If you have other software tools that you use, such as Slack or MS Teams, then it’s important to choose an employee engagement platform that can integrate with those tools. This will make it easier for your team to stay connected and share feedback in one place.


Choose a platform that can easily scale with your organization as you grow. This way, you won’t have to switch over to a different platform once your team begins to expand.


Be sure to ask the experts and look for reviews from other companies before investing in any employee engagement software. Doing this will help ensure you choose the right platform for your organization.

By taking the time to consider each of these factors, you will be able to choose an employee engagement platform that best meets your needs and aligns with your company’s goals.

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Getting started with Friday Pulse: Conclusion

Employee engagement is key to the success of any organization, and investing in the right employee engagement platform can be a great way to ensure your team is happy and productive.

Friday Pulse provides an easy-to-use platform for measuring employee engagement, helping managers track progress, reward employees for their hard work, and identify areas of improvement.

If you’re looking to drive real, impactful change in employee health and team success, then Friday Pulse is your go-to solution. With its reliable science-backed questions, actionable data insights, and intuitive user interface — it’s the ideal tool for any business seeking meaningful transformation.

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy to use to improve employee engagement, sign up for a free Friday Pulse demo.