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We're improving the world of work

We're improving the world of work

Happiness is the workplace of the future, and our aim is positive change for everyone - from employees to team leaders and CEOs.
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A look back on Friday Pulse

“State of the art wellbeing measurement” is how the Nobel-prize winner Daniel Kahneman described our founder’s earlier work. But that’s just part of our foundation.
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    Nic Marks publishes his first statistical work – Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare – using UK data from 1950-1990

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    Nic creates The Happy Planet Index based on three indicators – happiness, longevity and environmental impact

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    Dr. Jody Aked joins Nic’s team and together they create The Five Ways to Wellbeing for the UK Government

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    Nic is invited to speak at TED in Oxford. His book, A Happiness Manifesto follows

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    Based on a 110-question survey, Nic creates The Happiness at Work Survey

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    Nic and Jody develop The Five Ways to Happiness at Work

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    Leading recruitment consultancy, Robert Half appoint Nic to design a 22,000 employee research study – exploring 15 questions from The Five Ways to Happiness at Work

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    Friday Pulse launches with its unique statistical simplicity including a Happiness KPI and a 15-question Five Ways to Happiness at Work Culture Profile

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Happiness experts and more

Led by world-renowned happiness expert Nic Marks, we’re a group of statisticians, psychologists, business leaders and systems thinkers.

Meet the team

Nic Marks

Founder & CEO

Nic was once described as a “Statistician with a soul”. For over 25 years, he has researched workplace culture with a particular emphasis on measuring happiness and creating lasting, positive change.

Rich Aston

Founder & CTO

A graduate of Cambridge University, Rich distils complex ideas into user-friendly experiences. An award-winning developer, he leads our product development, translating the latest happiness research across the online platform.

Dr. Jody Aked


Jody has spent the last 17 years using behavioural psychology and the science of wellbeing to support change in communities and workplaces. Jody advises clients on how to improve workplace culture and survive corporate setbacks.

Nicola Pallett

Chief Marketing Officer

With 20+ years of B2B and professional services experience, Nicola leads our communication efforts. In coordinating sales and marketing activity, she develops and implements our market and content strategies.

Gaurav Tiwari

Senior Developer

Gaurav oversees the digital development of Friday Pulse. Working across our entire client base, he also supports our Client Success team, ensuring our platform helps teams and organizations achieve a happier and healthier workplace.

Angela Miles

Client Success Coach

Angela provides strategic counsel to our senior clients. She expands the reach of our expertise through the development of resources and support materials, aimed to deepen the understanding of happiness at work.

Ian Townsend


Ian is one of our full-stack developers and oversees our technical support activity. Through his contributions to the team, we have our Friday Pulse platform.

Alexandra Lupu

Helper of Happiness

As a member of our Client Success team, Alexandra supports our new and existing client base, ensuring they gain the most value from their participation on our people platform.

Parul Singh

Software Developer

As our Software Developer, and working with the wider tech team here at Friday Pulse, Parul helps to keep our people platform both reliable and running smoothly.

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